Bottle designs

We create professional designs for blow mold containers

Our projects go to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, petroleum, etc. industries.

The process of designing a container is carried out in several phases:

  • interview with the customer and determining the basic parameters of the container such as, capacity, material, application, and identifying the expected shape of the packaging by means of description, sketch, photo or other tools.
  • agreeing on a number of 3D model proposals
  • making 3D designs and sending the presentation in .pdf form to the customer
  • making a choice by the customer from among the proposed models with the possibility of sending a model of the container produced on a 3D printer
  • applying any amendments to the selected model
  • acceptance of the final version by the customer
  • sending to the customer a selected model of the container in STEP, IGES or on request other formats required.
Other products

Unit boxes

Nowadays, cardboard boxes or what are expertly called unit boxes are an indispensable part of selling most products.

Fliers and labels

We print flyers, information inserts and product instructions folded or unfolded, as well as self-adhesive labels.