Fliers, instructions and self-adhesive labels


Many of our buyers pack an informational or commercial flyer in a box along with the product. We offer simple unfolded, C-folded, Z-folded, harmonica or multiple folded leaflets so-called panel leaflets. For production these we use a wide range of formats and grammages of papers, both coated and uncoated.


We provide customers mainly in the technical industry with instructions for the assembly and use of their products. Multi-page booklets in a variety of formats, are collated and bound on the stitching line.


Self-adhesive labels are an integral part of the packaging of many products and significantly enhance their presentation. We supply paper or foil labels with adhesives suitable for a variety of products in the cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and alcohol industries. Finished with a wide range of available types of print protection, they are a perfect fulfillment of our offer.

Other products

Unit boxes

Nowadays, cardboard boxes or what are expertly called unit boxes are an indispensable part of selling most products.

Bottle designs

We make professional designs for bottles produced from blow molds.