Other processes

Die cutting

Die-cutting is a process that involves cutting the desired shape of packaging from cardboard or paperboard and stamping the creasing lines or cutting perforations so that the box can be easily formed. A cutting too is used for die-cutting. This production phase can be combined with the processes of embossing in the cardboard also multi-dimensional patterns and give the packaging an even more attractive appearance.


In the production of packaging, we use inline or multi-point gluing. These are the most common types of joining in the construction of unit boxes. The choice of gluing type depends on the packaging construction. We are able to glue simple packaging – with a single gluing point, as well as more complicated constructions with automatic bottoms or multi-point packaging with up to 6 gluing points.


For customers ordering packaging on a cyclic basis, we offer the possibility of stocking the goods in the storage and fast delivery after a call-off for shipment.

Types of print

Offset print, digital or screen printing? The choice usually depends on the productions volume and type of surface.


Gloss, matte or maybe soft touch? Esthetical surface finish, hot stamping and embossing always makes an impression.