Printing techniques


Offset print is still the most popular type of technology used in the production of unit packages. Thanks to its wide variety of uses and precision in recreating colors, the offset print takes first place on the list of ways of printing on different raw materials. While printing with this method we use CMYK and Pantone inks, both the conventional which are dried with infrared (IR) and ultraviolet which are dried using UV light. Thanks to the UV technique, we have the possibility to print directly on metallized and uncoated cardboard and provide premium or ECO look boxes. Due to the speed of printing and high quality, offset printing is the most economical method for medium and high-volume productions.


Digital printing is a method that has gained a lot of popularity in the last decade in the printing industry. The ever-increasing quality of digital printing and the possibility of using various finishing methods make it readily used as a supplement to traditional printing techniques.
The technique involves transferring an image directly from the computer’s memory to the printing substrate, bypassing printing molds, time-consuming setups or technological downtime that are necessary in other techniques. As a result, a big advantage of digital printing is the speed of application and the low production start-up cost. This is why digital printing is widely used for the production of low-volume packaging batches and their models, as well as advertising materials such as flyers, business cards and labels

Screen printing

Screen printing is one of the oldest printing techniques. It originated from the template printing methods used in the Far East. Printing with this method is done using specially prepared screens directly on the surface to be printed. The main attributes that distinguish screen printing are its incredible durability and variety of applications. With the help of screen printing in the production of packaging we achieve excellent effects of UV selective varnishes and on entire surfaces. We also use this method for printing low-volume production and packaging models.


Gloss, matte or maybe soft touch? Esthetical surface finish, hot stamping and embossing always makes an impression.

Other processes

Die cutting, gluing, storage – these are other processes, thanks to which we provide complete service.