Unit boxes

The packaging we supply is produced in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 standard for quality, HACCP and BRC sanitary standards, ISO 14001 environment standard and ISO 45001 occupational health and safety standard.

In care of the environment, we also produce the boxes with the FSC certificate, which confirms that they were created from raw materials obtained from controlled sources of timber supply.

Our range of packaging includes:

  1. standard folding boxes (unit boxes)

– folding boxes with closing flaps

– boxes with folding bottoms

– boxes with automatic bottoms

– boxes with additional lock

  1. display type packaging

– with folding bottom

– with automatic bottom

  1. hanging boxes

– hanging boxes with a flap for closing

– boxes with folding bottoms

– boxes with automatic bottoms

  1. sleeves (slip-in packaging)
  2. bag-like boxes

– with a folding bottom 

– with automatic bottom

  1. two-part boxes bottom-lid type

  2. folding boxes with a flap closing
  3. boxes with handle
  4. others of untypical construction and way of gluing
Other products

Fliers and labels

We print flyers, information inserts and product instructions folded or unfolded, as well as self-adhesive labels.

Bottle designs

We make professional designs for bottles produced from blow molds.